What are The Key Benefits of Online Video Conferencing in Malaysia?

When businesses in Malaysia are looking to optimize the communication systems finding a collaborative system that works for all their staff is high on their list of priorities.
Research has showed that employees prefer their communication platforms to include video conferencing, instant messaging, telephony, and integrated emails.
Effective use of online video conferencing can help integrate your communication systems and allow employees in different locations to communicate effectively. But approaching 2021 video conferencing in Malaysia is expected to be a core communication tool of most businesses. To ensure the future success of your business it’s not a matter of if but when you will start using video conferencing software. To help you transition here are some key benefits of videoconferencing.

#1 A Reduction In Travel Costs And Time

The oldest and still the most effective argument for using video conferencing in Malaysia is that it helps reduce travel expenses and time.

Allowing your key teams and managers and other personnel access to meetings will allow them to resolve issues without ever having to leave their home or their office.

Providing this video conferencing capacity to your employees and customers can boost your business productivity and offer you a competitive edge. Hiring the best staff is now made easier as the obligation to travel to and from your place of business it’s no longer a prerequisite of the interview process. Initial interviews and business calls can also be recorded for future evaluation.


#2 Facilitate More Effective Customer Care

Every successful business has a list of loyal customers. Pursuing 100% customer satisfaction is central to the success in your business. Through effective use of video conferencing, your enterprise can now facilitate a 24/7 customer service platform. Allowing your most valued customers to connect virtually to your relevant experts will dramatically increase customer satisfaction.


#3 Maintain a Competitive Advantage

Implementing a successful video conferencing protocol will offer your business an advantage over your key competitors. Using a unified communication system helps businesses in Malaysia maintain a powerful position through the use of effective collaboration to maintain productivity. There’s no need to remain in second place when effective solutions are available to your problems.


#4 The Provision of Structured Meeting Will Help Improve Communication

Defined start and end times to your video conferencing sessions will provide structure and help improve communication between employees operating in different locations. These facilities can allow for more intensive discussion as participants far more likely to remain focused and alert and there will be a drastic decrease in chit chat.

Instead of having to navigate email trains that can prove frustrating, spend unnecessary time trying to decipher the intent or meaning behind specific or even obscure messages. Your employees can now take part in video conferencing sessions that will allow them to observe vitally important cues given by their colleagues, partners and customers. Being able to see and understand expressions of concern or disatisfaction means they can be addressed instantly.


#5 Create a More Engaging Environment Than Just Using Audio

When taking part in audio conferences research is indicated that participants try to multitask or even zone out as they can easily disconnect from other colleagues during these meetings. When you’re taking part in a videoconference, your employees in Malaysia will be more conscious of maintaining virtual eye contact and this translates to higher levels of engagement. That every member is visible makes them far more inclined to effectively communicate and comparison to solely audio-based conferences.


#6 Increased Attendance

When dealing with an infrastructure of clients and teams that may be dispersed. Using videoconferencing in Malaysia can help increase attendance that would otherwise be impossible because of the variety of different locations at play. It’s also means that effective use of video recording capabilities allows individuals who may have missed specific presentations or trainings can easily access them on a delayed feed.


#7 Employee Recruitment and Retention

The flexibility and mobility offered by cloud-based video conferencing can help contribute to employee retention and recruitment. It may attract many experienced employees to your business because of a reduction in travel requirements providing them with a greater life work balance.

Allowing them to ease both the cost and time of commuting by providing them the opportunity to work from home is extremely attractive to more and more experience employees. Remote employees can maintain strong working relationships with both their fellow team members and clients by using the video conferencing facilities given to them.


#8 Boost Your Productivity

This video conferencing offers your business the opportunity to improve its communication systems. Further research has shown that participants feel they are more in sync and they can make decisive and productive decisions faster than ever before.

One survey conducted shows that 95% of video conferencing users showed that the single biggest benefit of using the software is the marked increase in productivity and efficiency. They felt that problems could be more easily resolved and provision of services to clients happened faster than ever before, offering them a competitive edge over other companies.


#9 It’s Better For The Environment

As more and more businesses in Malaysia are adopting green business practices to improve their reputations, attract more customers and save money, they’re setting targets for reducing their carbon footprint.

As Malaysia has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% in the next 10 years, implementing any solutions such as video conferencing that can reduce the carbon emissions of your business have become increasingly attractive options for business owners.


As video conferencing in Malaysia is fast reaching a stage where it’s no longer just an option, it’s now a necessity. Partnering with a cloud-based video software providers will allow your business the flexibility, scalability and cost savings needed to expand your communication systems.

Transitioning to the cloud may seem like a big move, but the benefits listed above are just some. Working with a whole of Business solutions provider you can help you optimize and maximize upon your own ICT environment providing additional value to your business.